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Eagle Stadium is set to host the South Sudanese Australian National Basketball Association’s National Classic (July 8-10) and Summer Slam (December 16-18) events in 2016. The SSANBA coordinate these tournaments with support from volunteers and organisations that include Basketball Victoria, Victoria Police and Helping Hoops. This is the thirteenth year of both tournaments and the first time Eagle Stadium will host both events.

Fifty to sixty teams will compete in each of the tournaments ranging from under 16’s through to open age men’s and women’s competition. This is a multicultural event with players from all culturally and linguistically diverse backgrounds competing. There will be a strong local representation with over twenty players from the City of Wyndham, some of which play for the Werribee Devils.  

It is anticipated that over 3,000 people will visit the City of Wyndham during each three-day event. The tournament presents many benefits to all involved by promoting social cohesion, integration and participation. Player recruitment opportunities also present themselves with the attendance of personnel from the Australian Institute of Sport, State Basketball Teams, Big V and South East Australian Basketball League.

VIP’s have been invited to attend the National classic including Majok Majok from Melbourne United and Majak Daw from North Melbourne Football Club.