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Our second Wellness speaker for 2016, Hilke Legenhausen, describes herself as a “Body Confidence Specialist”: “As a holistic health expert I help clients bring back their vibrancy and energy, as well as shed unwanted kilos. My passion is seeing people feel vibrant and powerful in their bodies and lives. I have always had a passion for wellbeing and for achieving health naturally by using the body’s strengths.” Hilke holds qualifications in acupuncture, massage, coaching and nutritional therapy amongst others.

Scheduled for Monday, 12th December at 7.30pm in the AquaPulse crèche, the theme will be “Keeping healthy through the silly season”. The seminar will cover goal setting and practical strategies to help members navigate a path through the temptations of the Christmas period. It will also be interactive, enabling each person who attends to emerge from the seminar with their own personal strategy plan including how they can eat, move and think for success.

If you are interested in attending the second free Members Wellness Seminar at AquaPulse with guest speaker Hilke Legenhausen, registration points will be made available at AquaPulse and Eagle Stadium from the third week of November.