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Three-year-old Kinder at AquaPulse

For kids in this age group to start preparing for school readiness.


The team in the AquaPulse crèche are excited to offer a 3-year-old kinder program in 2017, especially for kids in this age group to start preparing for school readiness. 

This dedicated kindergarten program helps children to learn important life skills such as independence and self-help skills in a safe and nurturing environment. Spending a few hours away from their parents each week not only helps kids build confidence, it also cultivates essential socialisation skills. 

Kids in this special program get to take part in fun group activities while at the same time learning how to work in a group and with other personalities. Activities such as cutting with scissors or playing with play doh develops fine motor skills and strength as well as teaching kids how to be patient, share and concentrate and follow instructions. 

To ensure the environment is not overwhelming, the program runs as a shorter day – from 12.30 to 3.30pm - for one day per week during school terms on Tuesdays. 

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Fees 2017

Term 1 (6th Feb - 31st  March) = $180 

Term 2 (18th April - 30th June) = $240 

Term 3 (17th July - 22nd Sept) = $220

Term 4 (9th Oct - 12th Dec) =  $220

Enrolment Process

Simply complete and return all forms and provide copies of certificates. Fees to be paid in full at the front desk.

Enrolments are open all year although children must be 3 years old or turning 3 by April 30th in the year they attend.

What to Bring

• Healthy snack
• Water bottle
• Hat
• Change of clothes

If you are interested in learning more about this program please email our crèche coordinator Kerrie at to make an appointment or you can pick up an enrolment pack from the front service desk at AquaPulse.

To download the crèche/3-year-old kinder flyer click here

To download a crèche/3-year-old kinder enrolment form click here

To download an immunisation information form click here

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