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Round #3 kicks off on Monday 20th February, with some spots still available


Camp WynActive is back for 2017 and now is the time to secure your position in Round #3 of the challenging bootcamp-style 8-week training program. Round #3 kicks off on Monday 20th February, with some spots for the following timeslots at AquaPulse still available (the 6am@Eagle Stadium crew is full).


Monday | Wednesday | Friday - 6am at Eagle Stadium (SOLD OUT)

Tuesday | Thursday | Saturday - 6am at AquaPulse (Saturday at 7am)

Monday | Wednesday | Friday - 9:20am at AquaPulse

Monday | Wednesday | Friday - 6pm at AquaPulse


What to expect from Round #3?

  • More of the close attention from your group's fitness coach(es) who will work hard to ensure that each and every crew-member is on the path to achieving their fitness goals.
  • More of the camaraderie that many past crew-members have stated was the thing they loved most about getting involved.
  • New recipes and nutritional input from Hilke Legenhausen, past WynActive Members' Wellness Seminar Guest Speaker, who describes herself as a “Body Confidence Specialist”. Click on the YouTube video link below to find out more about Hilke or you can also visit her Facebook page:

“As a holistic health expert I help clients bring back their vibrancy and energy, as well as shed unwanted kilos. My passion is seeing people feel vibrant and powerful in their bodies and lives. I have always had a passion for wellbeing and for achieving health naturally by using the body’s strengths.” 

Camp WynActive takes the form of three one-hour sessions per week for the entirety of the 8-week program.

Price: $216 (WynActive Members) & $384 for non-members.

CLICK HERE to view the 2016 blogs in which a crew-member from each of the previous rounds gives us a snapshot into the Camp WynActive experience.

The following testimonials are from the first batch of recruits:

"It's really good exercise and I'm glad I joined up. I'm losing weight, I can feel my body toning up and I love the girls who do it with me" - Mignon, 9:20am crew

"This gets me out of bed in the morning and it is a massive anti-depressant for me. I was really scared to do it and I didn’t think I could do it. After speaking to some of the trainers they convinced me that I might be able to do it. Now I am so glad I have done it because my quality of life has increased so much. I’m so happy all the time now. I would encourage anyone who has 'down days' to join something like this because it really energises you. I don’t know how to describe it – being with the girls – it’s just joyful." - Linda, 9:20am crew

"It's hard but it's good - I feel so much more toned." - 9:20am crew member