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Bronze Medallion Course at Werribee Outdoor Pool

Enrol to complete your Bronze Medallion today!

Bronze Medallion Course at Werribee Outdoor Pool

Ever wondered how to get started on the path to becoming a lifeguard? If the answer is yes, good news because the Bronze Medallion Course is coming to Werribee Outdoor Pool. 


To develop the level of knowledge, judgement, technique and physical ability required to carry out safe water rescues.

Holders of this award are recognised as having gained a minimum standard as a qualified lifesaver.

Minimum age

14 years or in the year in which the candidate turns 14.


It is advantageous if candidates hold the Senior Swim and Survive and Bronze Star awards.



Safe water practices; survival in the water; self-preservation; recognising an emergency; assessment before and during a rescue; priorities for rescue; CPR theory; acceptance of responsibility; use of bystanders; emergency care and contacting emergency services.


Resuscitation: Demonstrate effective CPR

Swim: Swim 400 metres continuously within 13 minutes. 100m freestyle, 100m breaststroke, 100m survival backstroke, 100m sidestroke.

Timed Tow: Swim 50 metres, then tow a patient 50m within 3 min 15 sec.

Survival and Rescue Skills: Demonstrate a range of survival techniques and appropriate rescues for a range of different aquatic environments and scenarios.

Spinal Injuries: Basic management of a suspected spinal injury in shallow water.

Rescue Initiative: Demonstrate initiative in effecting a rescue of two people who are in difficulty up to 15 metres from safety.

Dates: January 16th & 17th 2018

Cost: $225.00 per student for 2 day program (9am till 5pm) at Werribee Outdoor Pool

For more information and to enrol in this course please contact the Swim School Office on 87345678.