AquaPulse Safety Zone: Keeping Children Safe

AquaPulse's Safety Zone - Keeping children safe
5 March 2021

AquaPulse Safety Zone: Keeping Children Safe

Many parents worry about keeping their children safe, increasingly so when there are pools and water around. In the age of enforcing stranger danger and encouraging children not to talk to those they do not know, some kids may find they have nowhere to go and no one to talk to when they find themselves lost.

AquaPulse’s brand new Safety Zone aims to combat this issue, providing children and parents with a meeting place. Located on the wall next to the Splash Park, in between the poolside Café entry and party rooms, our brand-new sign is designed to catch your attention.

The bright blue image shows a lifeguard and poses the question ‘Are you lost?’ and the instructions to ‘Meet your parent guardian here’. The sign is designed to cater for speakers of foreign languages as well, displaying the text in languages other than English.

We recommend that all parents and guardians to look out for this sign and explain the importance of it to their children. Encourage children to go to this sign if they get lost and remind them the lifeguards and staff at the facility are always there to help.