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Please follow the WynActive Facebook page in order to receive all of our closure and capacity alerts. Please check our Facebook page HERE for the most up to date information on closures within our facilities. 

DAILY SAUNA/STEAM ROOM CLOSURE: Please be aware that from Monday 13th January going forward the Sauna & Steam Room will be closed between 2pm-3pm on weekdays for cleaning.
This new procedure has been put in in place to ensure optimum comfort and enjoyment of our guests and members when using the facility.
We thank everyone for your understanding as this procedure takes place.
New signage is in place to remind people not to pour liquid of any kind onto the sauna unit as it is a dry sauna and is not designed to have liquid poured on it.

We thank everyone in advance for complying with this requirement and we remind members and guests to please sit on a towel when enjoying the sauna and steam room at AquaPulse.

For more on aquatic hygiene standards which help to increase everyone's enjoyment of the shared facilities at AquaPulse please refer to the information below.

Please check our Facebook page HERE for the most up to date information on closures within AquaPulse. 

Aquatic Hygiene:

Members and guests are reminded not to use the aquatic facilities at AquaPulse and Werribee Outdoor Pool if any symptoms of gastric upset or diarrhoea are present.

All parents of pre-toilet-trained children and individuals requiring assistance in the areas of incontinence and bowel-control are reminded to please use waterproof nappies or undergarments in order to ensure the hygiene of our shared facilities. Swim nappies are available for $2 at the services desk and also at the swim school office.

Users of the Spa, Sauna and Steam Room are reminded that appropriate swimwear is required in all of these areas and we also ask that you wash before and after using these facilities as noted on the physical signage present in these locations.

A towel is required in the sauna and steam room and users are requested to remain seated on their towel and refrain from exercising while enjoying these facilities.

For more information on swimming hygiene at shared aquatic facilities please CLICK HERE.

Communication of Closures:

All issues affecting the availability of facilities at AquaPulse are communicated first on Facebook.

It is our policy to update this section of the website ASAP when significant changes to the availability of facilities are likely to impact upon our members and guests.

Most instances where we are anticipating only a short-term, temporary change to the availability of facilities, with limited impact upon our members and guests, this section of the website will be unlikely to reflect those details

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