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Meet Mack
    Hey, my name is Mack.

    Years ago, I was that overweight youth, living a toxic life with bad habits. I was tired and bored of living in a cocoon. All the worst feelings you can think of that come with body image and an unhealthy lifestyle triggered me to change my lifestyle once and for all.

    I proceeded with study and acquired my BA degree in Psychology, whilst working on my own body. That’s when I became a Gymaholic, and brought myself from my unhealthy 100kgs down to 74 kgs, with a greater percentile of muscle mass. I was my own walking laboratory, doing my own research and trial on subjects related to weight loss and muscle building.

    I was so proud of my own achievement that I decided to share my experience and knowledge with people who are after the same thing, and I persued my Certificate III & IV in fitness.

    I am here to help you, backed with my own experience, knowledge and years of study. If you are looking to become the best version of your own self, I am the person to speak to. I strongly believe your fitness practice is the sample of your whole life. I have studied how the mind and body works well; when we work on one of them the other follows… Are you ready?

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Meet Patrick
    Hey! My name is Patrick and I’m one of the personal trainers and fitness coaches here at WynActive.

    My journey within the gym began in my late teens, however my ability to gain muscle and size was something I struggled with over several years. Through research and guidance, I recognised that my mindset needed to change. I decided that I would start taking my approach to the gym more seriously and in turn, results quickly followed. I had developed a passion for training and further broadened my knowledge in order to achieve my goals. This led me to get my Cert IV in Fitness.

    So what now? I want to share my skills and knowledge to help you achieve your goals and live a happier, healthier, more confident lifestyle.

    Check out my Instagram @pe.strength where you will be able to find free eBooks and content I have created which can help you reach your goals.

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Meet Soni
    I love every component of fitness. I love to educate, not train.

    My love for health and fitness didn’t suddenly appear the day I won my first gold medal in the 100m Sprint at the age of three. It didn't suddenly appear while watching the movie 'Thriller in Manila'. I am genetically engineered this way. Next time you see in my natural habitat, come say hi to 'The King' and I will guide you to the right path!

    "Limits, like fears, are often just an illusion" - M.J.

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Meet Rob
    I grew up in Aotearoa (New Zealand) as a migrant from Philippines. I grew to love Rugby Union in which I played during my younger years, until I found my passion for Muay Thai. I did Muay Thai with some freestyle wrestling, then eventually got into the gym to improve my sport performance. That’s where I discovered my passion for Olympic Weightlifting.

    These are some of achievements in the Fitness and Olympic Weightlifting (OW) world:
    • In my first year of OW, I qualified for New Zealand (NZ) nationals, and coming 3rd place.
    • I achieved National Gold Medal for NZ in the 69’s category in 2018.
    • Whilst living in Australia in 2018, I made the national Olympic Weightlifting team for New Zealand, competing at 69kg in the Oceanic Games
    • I currently train a variety of athletes outside of Wynactive as a Strength & Conditioning Coach
    • I have trained an athlete of mine to qualify for Victoria State Championships
    • I am in the process of becoming a National level or an International level Australian Weightlifting Coach

    I have been a Personal Trainer, Group Fitness Instructor and a Strength Coach for 8 years. I have worked with people from all levels of fitness, from uneducated to advanced. I work with those who are willing and driven to make a change; I have the experience that caters to those who want to better themselves and make a difference!

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Meet Miral
    Namaste. My name is Miral Shah! Since I was a child, I always participated in different sports and excelled at them. I reached State Level in Kabaddi (an Indian sport). I have been around the gym and group fitness classes for over 10 years. My love for sport led me closer to the fitness industry, where I completed my Intensive Mat Plus and Advance Mat Pilates with Stott Pilates (Canada). When I moved to Australia, I completed my Fitness Coach & Personal Training course, and I am loving every minute of it! Apart from fitness, I love cooking, shopping and listening to music. I enjoy helping people build inner strength, weight loss and toning muscles by individualizing programs according to my client’s goals!

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Meet Nathan




Meet Josh
    G’day! My name is Josh, and I’m a Personal Trainer and Fitness Coach here at Wynactive.

    Having played sport (mainly Australian Rules football) for the majority of my life, I have developed a love for fitness and for seeing what each individual is capable of achieving physically.

    Having completed my Bachelor of Exercise and Sports Science, and most recently my Masters in Strength and Conditioning, I specialise in strength and power training, athletic development and sports performance.

    I have previously worked with Williamstown Football Club, and currently with Essendon Football Club in the VFL, as well as a number of other strength and conditioning roles. I was also involved in the development of the WynYouth Fitness and Development Program.

    Outside of the gym, I love music, surfing, getting outdoors and hanging out with mates!

    With a Masters in Strength and Conditioning, I like to use an education-based approach to my training, focusing on improving an individual’s physical capacity, as well as teaching them the theory behind why we do what we do and why it works. I also focus on mastering the fundamental movements of strength training.

    So if you’re an individual who is looking to improve your performance in any sport, or you want to enhance your strength, I’m keen to be on board!

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Meet Adam

    I go by Adam but you can call me Anytime... because I'm here to help you piledrive your goals anytime you need! Just like all the other great Personal Trainers here at Wynactive I endeavor to help you along your health and fitness journey. Whether you are complete newbie, looking to cut those nagging kilos or eager to evolve your training like a Pokémon... I'm your man!

    Completing a Bachelor of Exercise and Sport Science at Deakin University and working for elite junior club Geelong Falcons I am equipped with a Swiss army knife of skills and experiences. I bring a strong grasp of physiology, coaching and an uncanny ability to Jedi mind trick people to become better versions of themselves. If you are looking to unleash the best version of YOU, don’t hesitate to call on my services.

    Personally, I take a holistic approach to health and fitness, acknowledging the physical, mental, and social foundations of wellbeing. You could summarize my beliefs to the simple mantra of "everything in moderation" (although Saturday night beers really put this to the test). I understand the bustle of the 21st century balancing a quadrillion thing at once all while living our best lives. That is why I strive to make every minute of every session meaningful, where you will feel accomplished and proud of yourself and your training... yes even on Monday mornings.

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    Hi, my name is Nikita. I have been helping people achieve their health and fitness goals for 18 years, and have loved every second of it. I have a passion for womens health including pre/post natal exercise and would love to help and support you in achieving your goals 🙂

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Meet Lorenzo
    Hey! I’m Lorenzo, a personal trainer and fitness coach here at WynActive.

    Having been exposed to a variety of sports from a young age which include swimming, karate, basketball, dancing, and soccer just to name a few, fitness has become such an integral part of my life that my interests have expanded beyond relentlessly improving myself and now to see that happen in others not only physically but mentally too as we all have now realised how especially important that is in recent times.

    My own journey with strict regard to strength and conditioning started early as well but did not consume my focus until I first arrived in Australia around 2011. Being surrounded by kids from a myriad of ethnicities and cultures, I was especially fond of the kids who were loud and rowdy, displayed exceptional fitness and sporting capabilities in comparison to the other kids, exhibited aesthetic body proportions and just seemed like they were brimming with self-confidence given I was a shy kid when I first came here.

    This led me down a rabbit hole that spun in several years’ worth of self-guided research outside my academic related obligations and honestly during this time, nothing else outside this category brought me a level of happiness and exhilaration comparable and so I decided to pursue my passion.

    Having completed my Bachelors of Exercise and Sport Science at Deakin, I am now equipped with the skills in all areas of fitness however my expertise lies in bodybuilding and powerlifting to help you achieve your health and fitness goals not only in the interim but over the long haul to empower you to take control of your own journey hereafter so that you can become the greatest version of yourself both in and out of the gym.
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Meet Kat
    Hey everyone, I’m Kat! You might know me from the group fitness studio. I instruct Dance, Body Combat, Body Balance and Booty Burn. I have been working in the fitness industry since 2008 as a PT, Group Fitness Instructor and Fitness Coach. Does the Wyndham Leisure and Events Centre ring a bell? I am still here because I absolutely love what I do! It combines so many of my interests: fitness, music, dancing, performing, and helping others. I have a Bachelor’s Degree in Exercise Science and an Honours Degree in Psychology. I can help you lose weight, build muscle, improve mobility and most of all I can help change the way you view exercise from a ‘chore’ to something you get excited about! My personal training sessions are very fun, super positive and upbeat with lots of laughs… but they will always challenge you no matter how good you get (insert evil laugh haha). I offer boxing and HIIT/weight circuits but will incorporate other training styles based on what is needed. Come have a chat with me on the gym floor or in the group fitness studio. I’d love to meet you! 🙂

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Meet Sharon



Meet BenitaDo you need help when training in the Gym? I'm an experienced Personal Trainer who believes that exercise is for everybody. Utilising a broad variety of equipment available at both Aqua Pulse and Eagle Stadium, I can create PT sessions tailored to your goals.
Meet Jonno
    Hi, I'm Jonno.

    I have always strived to be the best I can be, whether it's studying, cooking, or training. I always try to enjoy and adapt to everything I set to do, no matter how hard or stressful the task could be.

    Understanding the body and how it reacts and adapts to stresses through training has always been a deep interest of mine, thus I have completed my certificate 3 & 4 in fitness as well as further increasing my knowledge through a Bachelor’s in Exercise and Biomedical Science at Victoria University.

    My wheelhouse is functional and strength training as well power lifting, but I am also well versed in other types of training. If you’re looking to improve your overall fitness, increase strength or even just stepping into the gym for the first time, I’m excited to take you on board!

    I have turned fitness into a passion, and hopefully I can do the same for you!

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