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Warm Water Pool

Relieve aches and pains, promote blood flow and flexibility

A session in our warm water pool can help relieve muscular aches and pains, increase blood flow to muscles and joints, improve flexibility and promote relaxation. 

Warm water sessions are also suitable for people with a disability and also injury, as they can aid rehabilitation and assist with balance and coordination difficulties in a safe and comfortable environment.

A number of GROUP EXERCISE CLASSES run in our Warm Water Pool.

The Warm Water Pool also includes a stand up and sit down SPA.




Do not leave bags and valuables in the change rooms. Use the lockers provided, subject to availability. Management does not accept responsibility for lost or stolen items.



1.  Please shower and wash body with soap prior to using the aquatic facilities.

2.  Toddlers, babies and incontinent persons must wear water-proof pants/nappies at all times whilst using the aquatic facilities.

3.  Please dispose of used nappies in dedicated nappy bins.

4.  Avoid drinking pool water, or allowing children to drink pool water.

5.  Wash hands thoroughly with soap after using the toilet, or changing a person’s nappy.

6.  If you, or a child under your care, have suffered any stomach related symptoms including diarrhoea in the past 14 days, please refrain from using the aquatic facilities.

7.  Notify staff immediately if a faecal accident occurs.

8.  Place all litter in bins provided, including used wrist-bands.



1. Please follow staff instructions.

2. This pool is for gentle exercise and rehabilitation purposes only, no lap swimming in this pool.

3. Children under the age of 16 years are not to be in this pool unless authorised by management conducting a prescribed program issued by a medical practitioner.

4. Infants within arm's are permitted to use this pool under the strict condition that their use does not cause distruptions to the gentle exercise of other users.


Note: portions of this pool will be used for programs and, as such, restrict access to public. This may include abrupt changes.