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Pool Lifeguard Challenge

Wynactive teams excel at life saving challenge

WynActive lifeguard teams from AquaPulse and Werribee Outdoor Pool filled two of the top four overall positions in the 2022 Life Saving Victoria (LSV) Pool Lifeguard challenge held on Friday 3 December.

The LSV Pool Lifeguard Challenge is an annual competition that invites aquatic facilities across Victoria to enter teams of four lifeguards to compete against each other in a range of scenarios, relays and a theory component, with the overall winner crowned as Victoria’s best lifeguard team.

The event was limited to a maximum of 24 teams with WynActive entering a team from its two managed aquatic facilities.

Both local teams excelled across the day, with the AquaPulse team of Caitlin McGraw, Victoria Setiawan, Sophia Potter and Emily Slee (the girls team) placed first after the wet-and-dry scenarios and finishing the challenge in second place overall.

The Werribee Outdoor Pool team of George Vamvakas, Harrison Garrett, Marcus Colla and Corey Sammut dominated the CPR component, finishing first with 98 per cent effectiveness and second in the wet-and-dry scenarios. The boys team finished in fourth place overall.

WynActive General Manager of Aquatic Facilities, Barry Harrison, said that the result confirmed the commitment to excellence present across the aquatic staff team.

“As an organisation we could not be prouder of the dedication that our young staff team members show towards maintaining the highest of standards in safety. The results of the Pool Lifeguard Challenge underline that ongoing commitment and I congratulate both teams on their efforts,” he said.

“Of course, the big winners are our members and those who use our aquatic facilities. They can be certain that while they are at WynActive pools their safety and that of their friends and families is the number one priority of staff.”

The LSV Pool Lifeguard Challenge was limited to certified lifeguards that met a strict standard of competence and were working in the role of a lifeguard on a regular basis. The event was held at the Brimbank Aquatic and Wellness Centre and the overall winner was Glen Eira Sports and Aquatic Centre.

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AquaPulse live feed from Facebook will appear soon.

Please note, when the venue reaches its full capacity RED, a lock out may be required to maintain the safety of our patrons and members. Information relating to our lock out procedure is outlined here.

A lock out is when we do not allow any new patron/s into the venue as it is considered at full capacity. The safety of all our patrons, staff and visitors are our priority at all times, and for public safety reasons a lock out will be initiated.

AquaPulse conduct lock outs during peak periods to manage the safety of all visitors. A lock out will occur mainly in the aquatic areas and is most likely to happen on hot days when there are several hundred people using aquatic facilities.

There is no set time that a lock out will run for as it largely depends on how many patrons exit the impacted area before more patrons are let in.  Pass-outs are not issued during a lock out period.

If you are a member with a booking, or here to use the gym, please proceed to the Service desk.

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Lockers have reached it’s end of life.

Locker have reached it's end of life.

Really? Can a locker actually go that far? Well, they certainly have at AquaPulse. 

Our lockers have just survived the harsh conditions, of sweltering heat to frost biting winters. On most of the days, it’s more the less descriptive words in between, like humid. 

But with certainty and very safe to say, our big yellow Lego blocks have been through very high usage. From over-packed lockers, internally exerting pressure on the locks, to slamming, pushing, and pulling the doors; This all adds up. 

But we expect this, and these lockers were made for these conditions. But it is time for an upgrade.

the kiosk (touch screen display)

All kiosks at AquaPulse and Werribee Outdoor Pool have been upgraded to a more resilient and touch sensitive display, with and a clear and bright backlight.

electronic locker hardware

To ensure that we cope with another 7 years in the desert and snowy conditions, also known as Melbourne weather, we have upgraded the locking mechanisms to these lockers at AquaPulse and Werribee Outdoor Pool to an upgraded model. And that means, you can continue over packing our lockers and never worry about unlocking and jamming problems.

full software upgrade

Have you ever gone to a locker and tried to open it, but it just won’t open? I can guarantee you, that would be a “yes”. Hopefully, this won’t happen. But in the event that it does, come and visit us at the service desk. The below photo is what we see. No, it is not a game, it is the status of every single locker in it’s individual form. Each locker will have a status showing available, reserved, offline, including jammed and alarmed! What an upgrade.

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WynActive scores double at ARV awards.

WynActive team members were successful in two categories and highly commended in another at the 2022 Aquatics and Recreation Victoria (ARV) awards on Friday 2 September.
The Membership Sales Award was won by Jenna Smith while Caitlin McGraw took home the Pool Lifeguard Award. WynActive was also highly commended in the Watch Around Water Award category, a space in which the organisation has dominated over the last six years.
WynActive CEO, Alison Dixon, said the ARV award success was due recognition for theorganisation’s focus on providing the City of Wyndham community with the highest level ofservice and safety through its three recreation facilities.
“I am incredibly proud and inspired by the dedication of our entire staff team to provide our patrons with the best possible experience every time they visit one of our centres,” she said. “The award success again acknowledges our leadership in the industry and I congratulate Jenna and Caitlin, together with all our award nominees.” 

Victoria – Duty Manager (far left)

Paul – Most Valuable Employee (left), Alex – Emerging Leader (right)

Jenna, Alison (CEO) and Caitlin

Kat – Group Fitness Instructor (front)

Liz – Customer Service (right)

Jenna – Membership Sales (left), Caitlin – Pool lifeguard (right)

Ms Dixon added that the WynActive staff team had shown extraordinary loyalty after the COVID-19 lockdowns, with many returning to their roles when the centres were able to reopen, despite the devastation of being stood down for a significant period.
“We did not qualify for the Jobkeeper payments during that time, so we were forced to stand down most of our staff. The fact that so many of those team members not only returned, but threw themselves into rebuilding our business, is huge credit to their integrity and character. I honestly believe the WynActive staff and management team is the best in the state,” said Ms Dixon.
Membership Sales award winner, Jenna Smith was acknowledged for consistently demonstrating WynActive’s mission to build healthy lives, through delivery of the values of Safety, Innovation and Service. Her passion to lead, coupled with her desire to succeed is a driving force of the positive sales culture in WynActive centres.
She was responsible for bringing the noise and excitement back into centres after the lockdowns and has become an important source of insight into the sales process for other team members.
WynActive also took out the Pool Lifeguard award for the second consecutive year, with Caitlin McGraw successful in the highly competitive category.
Caitlin joined WynActive in 2019 and has progressed to mentor many new staff after moving into the position of Leading Lifeguard and Centre Care Manager. Caitlin demonstrates a passion for safety and education by consistently offering to undertake the role of Watch Around Water ambassador, using her knowledge as a swim teacher to support the delivery of this message.
Caitlin was recognised as bringing a unique, fresh perspective to the lifeguard team and having the ability to balance the need for patron satisfaction and prioritisation of safety.
On the focus of safety, Ms Dixon emphasised that WynActive’s record was exceptional and that the proactive approach was a key to maintaining excellence.
“Again we were commended for our commitment to Watch Around Water and that is satisfying for our staff and also patrons, who take safety in our centres so seriously. We invest not just money, but a great deal of time and effort into ensuing we maintain the highest standards of water safety possible,” she said.
“We are driven to always improve in an effort to provide support to the wider industry to help continuously raise the bar in the area of safety.”
WynActive manages AquaPulse, Eagle Stadium and Werribee Outdoor Pool on behalf of Wyndham City.
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WynActive once again won the Watch Around Water Award, for a record fifth consecutive year. We were first nominated for this award in 2017 and have held it ever since. This is a remarkable achievement and a testimony to our commitment to aquatic safety across the community.  

Rhiannon Galea won the Customer Service Award for her ability to understand and relate to the local community and commitment to providing unparalleled service. 

Alexie Barlow, who won the Duty Manager Award, is renowned as a problem solver and role model for her colleagues. 

The Pool Lifeguard award was taken out by Marcus Colla, who demonstrates an outstanding work ethic, and is a reliable teammate and well-respected colleague.  

WynActive thanks and shares these successes with Wyndham City, as we recognise the immense support they continue to provide, especially during the challenges we faced in the past two years.  

Congratulations to the all the WynActive nominees and winners. 

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The Joy of Being a Swimming Teacher

The Joy of Being a Swimming Teacher

Think about your next family holiday…

What are you picturing?

The sun, sand, palm trees, mornings spent at the beach and afternoons lazing by the pool soaking up the afternoon sun?  At the end of a long but relaxing day of swimming the kids are exhausted and ready for bed, and the parents get some alone time.

This is what I picture when I am planning a family holiday.

As a swimming teacher, it fills me with joy knowing that what I do helps families enjoy their holidays and create lifelong memories. I am proud to know that I am helping young people improve their lives and helping to ensure they are safe around water.

Everyone remembers that one special holiday, the one with the big pool, or where you learnt to boogie board or made some random friends and learnt how to play Marco Polo. Without a great team of committed swimming teachers, these types of holidays would not be possible!

My own kids love the water, and nothing gives me more pleasure than seeing the excitement on their faces when they are swimming. Watching their confidence grow and seeing the improvement in their abilities is so gratifying.

As a swimming teacher, it is a similar experience, watching students’ progress from level to level, improving their abilities in the water and becoming more confident. I love hearing stories about my students’ holidays and seeing them progress. It is amazing how many students improve after spending more time in the water over the summer.

Swim teaching is so much more than a job. As a swim teacher, you make an impact. You get to positively influence a range of various students and you get to teach life skills that save lives.

Click here to join our WynSwim Team. We are looking for anyone who is passionate and interested in the job, with or without qualifications. For the right candidate, we can help you through the qualification process.

You will not only find it rewarding, you will have a lots of fun!

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