Find out about our aquatic facilities.


Please be aware that the pool temperature can feel different depending on the air temperature. This is why the pools often feel cooler in winter and warmer in summer.
We do not vary the temperature of the pools at any time, without notifying our patrons. We also test all of our pools for cleanliness, chemical balance, and temperature every four hours.
If at any stage our pools are found to be outside of Health Department regulations, we close the pool immediately.


The Spa is heated to approximately 36 degrees.

Warm Water Pool

The Warm Water Pool is heated to approximately 34 degrees.

25M Pool

The 25 metre pool is heated to approximately 28 degrees.

50M Pool

The 50 metre pool is heated to approximately 27.5 degrees.

SplashPark & Waterslides

The SplashPark, WorldAlley Waterslide & Pipeline Waterslide are all heated to approximately 27 degrees.